Supah-Stah-FlavorsWhat you eat can change your life. How that food is made matters.

What we offer YOU is an opportunity to get HAPPIER and HEALTHIER with every delicious bite. Eating our Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars will make you HAPPY. It’s true!!

Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bars are HANDMADE in the San Francisco Bay Area with 100% organic ingredients.

ENJOY 6 of the world’s most nutrient dense foods (Goji Berries, Coconut, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Maca Root & Cacao) that support and nourish all the systems in your body.

Our mission – We offer you a better choice in Chocolate. When you make better choices about what you eat, you are usually happier. When YOU are happy and healthy the world is a better place. You pass the happy on to everyone around you…and they pass it on…and they pass it on….See what we’re gettin’ at here?

Buy online, get Supah Stah On The Reg (Monthly Auto-ship) or shop locally in the Bay Area.

Baptiste Yoga SF
The Sacred Wheel, Oakland
Good Earth
Gathering Thyme, San Anselmo
Yoga Tree Corte Madera
SweetE Organic
Napa Farms Market, SFO
Community Market
Cal Mart
Vitality Bowls – Walnut Creek

“Supah Stah chocolate superfood bar is sooo good!! The flavor is mellow and yummy, the consistency is rich, has lots of nutrients, and I felt energized for hours after eating it. I can see that I’m gonna need to keep a supply of this AHSOME bar around at all times.”  – J.R.

“The world is officially a better place now that Supah Stah bars have arrived… including every chocolate shelf in every store in the whole Universe!! Wahoo!! Best chocolate moment ever. Thank you Erika!”


Supah Stah Chocolate, not only does it taste amazing, but it’s actually really good for me.  These bars sustain me when I’m hungry and need a boost, and also provide me with long lasting energy.

10378095_10152486258020948_3071902521061689995_n“So excited for my treats. I may even share some. Maybe not. wink emoticon

Shared 3. Kept 3 for myself. And I have to admit that I am feeling kind of supah!



“Today I ate my very first Supah Stah chocolate superfood deliciousness, Mulberry flavor, yum! Amazing healthy chocolate from local artisan, feather witch, chocolate fairy Erika Wright!”


“I love to start AND end my days with a Supah Stah bar.  They are the perfect amount of sustenance for me on the way to a morning yoga class.  The energy is quick, lasting & they’re not too filling.

10501611_10153185884951209_5951506532714035197_nFor Valentine’s weekend I am treating myself to the yummiest chocolate ever! This really rad chick I know @queenofthestarnation makes these handmade, vegan, superhealthy, superfood chocolate bars. #supahstah #healthyindulgence #eatit #cleaneating — with Erika Wright.  – C.F.M.


“Supah Stah Dark Chocolate Bah was THE best treat of the entire holiday season…I’ve been giving them away as gifts and getting rave reviews in return…I’m hogging my last 3 bahs, in the freezer. Your product utterly rocks, like the mad genius who made up the recipe!”


“About to eat the most delicious, most healthy satisfying chocolate bar ON THE PLANET!” -J.C.

10565070_10152158645465800_6485193553300659234_nI put a bunch in the rig’s freezer before we left. Gave some to our friends in New Mexico, but saved a few for emergency rations!”



I don’t believe it is ANY coincidence that I served up some Supah Stah dark chocolate superfood goodness at our Sound Medicine Healing yesterday and we got the most positive response & financial offerings to date.” -A.E.J.

“This food is gonna save your soul, one morsel at a time. I dare you to love yourself that much! I eat it because I can follow directions on the side of the package. Now you try it!”

“Supah Stah bars are pure energy.  I’m totally hooked! The chocolate is rich and buttery, the goji berries are sweet and chewy, and the chia seeds add a light crisp making this superfood bar so satisfying.

I just ate a whole Mulberry bar and feel uplifted, yet not sick to my stomach. Bring on the Yum…oh yeah and my antioxidants.


“Supah Stah chocolate power bars are a lifesaver! I am a new mama, a yoga teacher, and a singer in a rock n roll band so I don’t have a lot of time to prepare snacks. The bars literally save me daily.

1012952_790531511013889_3779178451497540267_nWe loved having Supahstah Dark Chocolate Superfood Bar share their fabulous dark chocolate superfood at our winter solstice retreat over the weekend! Their mission is to make people HAPPY & HEALTHY with these nutritional bars because happy humans makes a happy planet. Perfect holiday gifts for everyone! Buy some here and EAT IT! Thank you!! ‪#‎chocolate‬ ‪#‎superfood‬ ‪#‎wintersolstice‬ ‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎retreat‬ ‪#‎yogaretreat‬ ‪#‎sonoma‬

1779957_10202532869816429_945713679_n“Best day EVER!! Thank you Erika Wright for making the most incredible, healthy, amazing, Supah tasty bar ever!!”

– K.H.

Best chocolate moment ever.
This is the real thing.
My Supah Stash
Chocolate Superfood Deliciousness
They totally satisfy my chocolate cravings…
THE best treat of the entire holiday season…
I am Supah Woman now!
Fueling up on the road!
Dark Chocolate Superfood Goodness
Eat it!
amazingly delicious AND super-healthy…
Bring on the Yum…
These bars will SAVE YOUR LIFE!
Look what came in the mail today!!

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